How to Get Rid of Woodworm

What is Woodworm?

Woodworm is the term used for a number of wood boring beetles, but the main cause of damage to wood in the UK and Europe is made by the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum).

It is the larval stage of the Common Furniture Beetle that causes the damage to wooden furniture and structural timbers in buildings, such as roof and floor joists or decorative beams.

The main sign that wood has been affected by woodworm is the exit holes that are created as the woodworm leaves the wood as an adult woodworm beetle. These exit holes are about 2mm in diameter and may also be accompanied by 'frass', the dust created by the exiting beetle.

How to kill and get rid of Woodworm and protect your affected wood from further attack?

Our Woodworm Pest Control Products will help protect the affected wood and stop the woodworm from re-infesting the wood or other wooden items.

Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer [ available in either a 2.5 litre container or a 5 litre  container ] is a solvent based woodworm killing product and wood preservative. This product is painted onto the wood surface where it penetrates the wood to kill all stages of woodworm in flooring and structural timbers. We also have this ready to use item as a Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer Spray [ 500ml ] to use on small sections of affected wood or furniture.

Woodworm Fumigation Power Foggers are ideal to use in inaccessible areas such as under floors or in roof voids to kill the adult beetle, therefore avoiding re-infestation by the egg laying of the adult insects. Please note: This product will not penetrate the wood to kill the larval stage of the insect.

All of our suggestions for Woodworm Pest Control are tried and tested methods for killing and eradicating the Common Furniture Beetle.