How to Get Rid of Nuisance Squirrels?

We stock a full range of DIY Squirrel Pest Control Products and Supplies for repelling, deterring, stopping and getting rid of problem squirrels.

For indoors, we have an Indoor Squirrel Pest Repeller - Small House suitable for a 2 - 3 bedroom property and an Indoor Squirrel Pest Repeller - Large House suitable for a 4 - 5 bedroom property.

For outdoors, we have a Battery Powered Outdoor Squirrel Repeller and a Mains Electric Outdoor Squirrel Repeller which can also be run on solar power with the use of the Solar Power Kit sold separately. We also stock a Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller that not only scares away squirrels but waters your garden at the same time!

Our Squirrel Cage Trap is for use either indoors or outdoors to live catch a rodent squirrel to then take it to an animal sanctuary!

An effective method to stop squirrels climbing over structures to gain access to a property is with the use of Anti Squirrels Plastic Spikes, known also as Wall, Fence or Anti - Climb Spikes, that not only will deter squirrels but will also deter human intruders from gaining access to a property via walls, fences or gates!

If you need to protect roof solar panels to stop squirrels from accessing underneath these units where they can do so much damage, we supply specially designed Solar Panel Squirrel Proof Guards and Solar Panel Squirrel Proof Mesh that not only protect rooftop panels from pesky squirrels but will also proof against birds who like to get under solar panels as well!