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Battery Power Sonic Mole Chaser

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Battery Power Sonic Mole Chaser is a humane, no kill method to eradicate problem garden moles who may be digging up your lawn and leaving their molehills all over the place!

Easy to use, just place in a mole hill and this mole repellent unit will emit sub soil sonic vibrations that make moles think that humans are about. This scares them and drives them away!

* Uses 2 x D cell batteries which should last approximately 3 to 4 months

* Gives out 5 second sonic sound waves every 55 seconds

* Covers upt0 to 1000 square metres - 10.750 square feet

* Safe to use near children and pets

* Does not harm other animals, birds or fish

* Humane, no killing method of Garden Mole Pest Control

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Price: 15.79 (18.95 inc. VAT)

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