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Clothes Moths Killing and Control Kit 3

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Clothes Moths Killing and Control Kit 3 is a pack of professional standard pest control products to treat and get rid of a clothes moth and larvae problem in 5 - 6 rooms.

When giving a treatment to kill or prevent clothes moths, you should always use a combination of products as each has it's own specific function.

Clothes Moths Killing and Control Kit 3 contains:

* 5 x Litres of Clothes Moths Killing Insecticide to give a fast knock and and kill and will leave a residue continues to work for up to 4 weeks after treatment to continue to exterminate any clothes bug or other insect that crawls or lands on the treated area. You should spray all carpets, curtains, soft furnishings, and inside wardrobes and drawers, paying particular attention to areas where you have seen clothes eating bug activity

* Trigger Hose to allow a direct spray treatment from the 5 x Litre Container of Insecticide

* 2 x 150g Clothes Moth Killer Insecticide Powder in puffer packs to allow an easy treatment around carpet edges and under heavy and immovable furniture where the moths larvae are often found. It is the larval stage of the clothes moth that eats away at fabrics

* 8 x Clothes Moth Smoke Bombs to give a full fumigation treatment to the affected rooms. The fogging smoke will infiltrate all nooks and crannies killing any insects that are living, breeding and hiding in these out of the way places. Leave wardrobe doors and drawers in chests open whilst carrying out this treatment

* 1 x Face mask and Pair of gloves

* Advice Sheet detailing how and where best to use the pest control products to make sure you eliminate a clothes moths problem fast

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