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DIY Bird Proof Netting Kit 5m x 5m

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DIY Bird Proof Netting Kit 5m x 5m so called because this kit does not contain the professional type fixings such as Hog Rings and Hog Ring Tool, instead there are standard net cable ties to fasten the bird proof net onto the wire that supports the net.

This kit includes:

* 5 metres x 5 metres of black 50mm bird proof netting made of professional grade uv stabilised mesh suitable for use to stop and deter larger birds such as seagulls, pigeons or jackdaws etc. [ If you need a smaller mesh size - 19mm - for smaller birds such as starlings or sparrows etc., just give us call on 03330 119703 or email us info[@] ]

* 50 metres of 7 x 7 Galvanised steel wire rope to support the bird proof net

* 4 x Corner bolts to fix into the structure to be proofed to hold the bird proof netting and masonry drill bit

* 20 x Intermediate fixings to secure the bird proof net with rawlplugs and drill bit

* 2 x Barrel strainers to tighten up the steel wire rope

* 4 x Wire rope grips to attach the steel wire rope onto the Barrel strainers

* 400 x Cable ties to attach the bird proof netting to the wire rope

* Full Instructions on how to fit this DIY Bird Proof Netting Kit 5m x 5m

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