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Cluster Fly Killing Power Foggers x 2

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Cluster Fly Power Foggers x 2 for use in areas where there is a problem with house flies or cluster flies.

These power foggers are automatic, quick release fumigators from a pressurized cannister. They are an alternative to traditional smoke bomb foggers that need more time allowed before you can re-enter the treatment area.

The mist / fog produced will flush out and kill flies and cluster flies fast.

* 1 x can will cover 150 cubic metres / 5297 cubic feet

* 2 x cans will cover 300 cubic metres / 10594.00 cubic feet

* Contains Cyphenothin 0.330% and Imiprothrin 0.110%

HSE 10293

Used by Professional Pest Control Companies, this product is cleared for diy use

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