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Ant Killing and Control Kit - Organic

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Ant Killing and Control Kit - Organic is a combination of effective products to kill and get rid of ants in your home, business or garden, in a natural way.

Ants can often be found in the foundations of buildings having made a nest and they may emerge either indoors or outdoors from this nest when searching for food.

Ant Killing and Control Kit - Organic contains:

* 1 x 500ml Organic Ant Killer Spray to use on hard or soft areas where activity of ants has been seen

* 500g x Organic Ant Killing Powder that can be applied into nooks, crannies or holes where ants are emerging

* 1 x Face mask and Pair of gloves

* Advice Sheet detailing how best to use these products to eliminate a problem with these sometimes biting insects.

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