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Clothes Moths Killing Insecticide - 5 litres

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Clothes Moths Killing Insecticide - 5 Litre is the best and most effective pesticide to treat a large infestation of clothes moths.

Easy to use, just apply a spray mist all over the carpets, rugs, curtains, soft furnishings as well as inside wardrobes and inside drawers in the room affected. Pay particular attention to areas where you have seen the clothes moth larvae which may be around the edges of the room or under furniture. It is the larvae that does the damage by eating holes in clothes and fabrics.

* Professional pest control product cleared for amateur use

* Easy to decant into a sprayer, please see below

* Covers 120 square metres / 1290 square feet

* Gives a quick knock down and kill on contact

* Leaves a residual layer that will continue to work for up to 4 weeks after treatment

* Contains 0.1%ww cypermethrin active ingredient

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