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How Much Is Pest Control Dictated By the Weather?

posted on 11 June 2012 | posted in Pest Control Tips

Answer: a lot.

The unpredictable nature of pests is mirrored by the unpredictable nature of the weather. One day can be cool and pest free, the very next day you have an infestation of flies / wasps / bugs just because it's a hot day.

If you're house hunting in winter, ALWAYS ask about any potential pest control issues for the property in the warmer seasons. Research the area as well, as you may not always get the most accurate answer from the house owner / estate agent if you do ask about pest control issues.

Similarly, if you're planning a caravan / motorhome holiday, research the areas you'll be going to. You may not be able to pick up the necessary pest control products in those areas when you're there - so always plan ahead.