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Dethlac Ant Killing Aerosol Lacquer

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Dethlac Ant Killing Aerosol Lacquer is a spray treatment for the eradication and elimination of ants. It will leave a residual effect that continues to kill ants for several weeks after the initial treatment.

This product is for use on hard outdoor surfaces such as around doorways and wall edges to make sure ants don't come into your property. This product is also for use on hard floors inside the home or business to spray where you have seen ants coming out of tiny holes or crevices.

Dethlac Ant Killing Aerosol Lacquer dries to a hard film and will kill ants or other insects who pass over the treated area. Treated surfaces can be washed without destroying the ant control properties of the 'lacquer'.

* Use indoors and outdoors

* Keep children and pets away until the product is dry

* Do not use on UPVC

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