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Organic Flea Killer Powder 450g

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Organic Flea Killer Powder 450g will kill and get rid of fleas in a natural and eco friendly way.

This is a non toxic, chemical free powder that can be sprinkled onto pets bedding and onto other soft furnishings to exterminate blood sucking fleas and stop the bugs that cause flea bites.

* Made from the crushed fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms

* Abrasive effect on fleas causing them to die through de-hydration

* Use in nooks and crannies and around floor edges where fleas like to live and hide

Please note: Although some companies say that you can use this product directly onto your cat or dog, we would recommend that you treat your pet with a specific flea treatment product from your pharmacy or vet.

We would also recommend that you use this Organic Flea Killer Powder with other flea control products and if you want to be chemical free in your treatment, our Electric Flea Killer Trap is an ideal choice. Please see below:

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Price: 5.82 (6.99 inc. VAT)

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