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Battery Power Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Repeller

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Battery Power Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Repeller will repel and get rid of nuisance or neighbours cats that are making a mess outside in the garden. They may be urinating, fouling, scratching or digging up plants and if they are a neighbours pet, this unit will repel and deter them from your property without anyone knowing!

This is the best and most effective battery operated repellent unit for stray, feral and problem cats that we have tried and tested.

* Works on a pir [ passive infra red ] motion sensor detection system which will detect a cat

* Sensory range of the unit is 15 metres / 50 feet in front and sides of the unit, in an arc of 60 degrees around the unit

* When a cat comes into the range of the unit, disturbing ultra sonic sounds are emitted

* Runs on 2 x 9v batteries that will last for approx. 1 month on 200 activations per day

* Inaudible to humans

* Comes with mounting rod to allow you to position the unit anywhere in the garden

* Comes with fittings to allow you to attach the repellent to a fence or wall

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Price: 33.29 (39.95 inc. VAT)

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