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Clothes Moth Smoke Bombs x 20

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Clothes Moth Smoke Bombs x 20 to give a fumigation treatment to kill and get rid of carpet moths.

These fogging smokes are effective to use in any room that is affected with clothes moths as it flushes out and kills these insect pests from all their hiding places in nooks and crannies. Also use this product to fumigate the loft / attic area where these insects are often found living and breeding in the insulation material.

4 x Clothes Moth Smoke Bombs will treat an area up to 1200 cubic metres or 42000 cubic feet.

1 x Smoke Bomb will treat a room sized 4m x 3m / 12 feet x 9 feet.

2 x Smoke Bombs will treat a room sized 6m x 4m / 18 feet x 12 feet.

* Easy to use

* Make sure any external windows and doors are closed

* Leave wardrobe drawers and drawers of chests open to allow the smoke to infiltrate around garments

* Place 1 x smoke bomb on a hard surface such as an old plate and light the fuse

*, Leave the area being treated for approximately 2 - 4 hours

* Contains 13.25% permethrin

This product is a professional standard clothes moths killer fogging smoke cleared for diy use.

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Price: 43.75 (52.50 inc. VAT)

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