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Wasp Nest Killer Pack 2

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Wasp Nest Killer Pack 2 for use where you cannot see the wasp's nest.

Easy to use professional standard products that will kill off the wasp's nest fast.

This pack contains:

* 1 x Wasp Nest Killer Powder 150g

* 1 x Prevent Personal Aerosol Spray for protection whilst the treatment is carried out

* Face Mask and Gloves, again for protection

* 1 x Advice Sheet detailing how to use the pack

Treatment is best carried out in the morning or evening when wasps are more docile.

The Wasp Nest Killer Powder is puffed into areas such as roof voids where there is a wasp's nest and is carried back to the nest by wasps 'returning home'. The powder destroys the nest and wasps within.

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