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Midi Fumer Smokes x 2 (15g each)

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Midi Fumer Smokes x 2 for use in killing and getting rid of bed bugs.

* 1 x Midi Fumer Smoke will treat an area of approx. 25 cubic metres / 882 cubic feet

* Easy to use powerful insecticidal smoke generator

* Place the smoke bomb on an old plate or tile, light the wick and vacate the room

* Re - enter the treatment area about 4 - 6 hours later

* Leaves no smell or residue

Please note: We would always recommend the use of a combination of pest control products to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Please see below. Also, thorough washing of all bedding and thorough vacuuming of all carpets and soft furnishing should be carried out before commencement of the bed bug treatment.

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