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Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Rat Repeller

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Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Rat Repeller to eradicate problems with rats outside in the garden.

* Works on a pir / passive infra red motion sensory detector system

* The range is 15 metres / 50 feet to the front and sides of the device with a total coverage of 235 square metres / 2500 square feet

* When a rat passes into the range of the device, ultrasonic sound waves are emitted that will scare off the nuisance garden pest

* Comes with fixing rod to enable re positioning around the garden

* Comes with fittings to allow fitting to a wall or fence

* Comes with a 10 metre electrical cable

Please note that if you want to save on the electricity costs or just want a more eco friendly way to get rid of rats, we supply a Solar Energy Kit to power our Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Rat Repeller, please see below:

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