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Carpet Moths Killing Insecticide Spray 1 litre

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Carpet Moths Killing Insecticide Spray - 1 Litre is a most effective, residual liquid to kill and get rid of carpet moths, their larvae [ wooly bears ] and carpet beetles.

Easy to use, just apply a spray mist all over the carpets, rugs, curtains and other soft furnishings in the room affected. Pay particular attention to areas where you have seen the carpet moth larvae [ wooly bears ] which may be around the edges of the room or under furniture. Its the larvae that does the damage by eating holes in fabrics.

* Professional pest control product cleared for amateur use

* Comes in a handy, ready to use sprayer

* Covers 20 square metres / 215 square feet

* Gives a quick knock down and kill on contact

* Leaves a residual layer that will continue to work for upto 4 weeks after treatment

* Contains 0.1%ww cypermethrin active ingredient

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