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Fly and Flying Insect Bag Trap

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Fly and Flying Insect Bag Trap is widely used and renowned as being the best fly trap for use in the garden or outside areas.

* Easy to use, just fill with luke warm water to activate the pheromone based attractant bait

* Hang the trap 10 metres / 30 feet away from the house or outside seating area

* Best positioned 2.4 meters / 8 feet from the ground

Flies and flying insects will fly into the trap and once inside they cannot escape.

Our Fly and Flying Insect Bag Trap will stay effective for approximately 12 weeks and will catch, kill and hold upto 20.000 flies!

Please note: This is a non toxic, chemical free, disposable and biodegradable product.

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Price: 10.79 (12.95 inc. VAT)

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