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Wasp Smoke Fogger Bombs x 10

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Wasp Smoke Fogger Bombs x 10 to give a fumigation treatment in areas such as attics, lofts, roof voids and air vents to kill and get rid of wasps.

Please note, if you have a wasps nest in your chimney, you need to use 4 of these Wasp Smoke Fogger Bombs to kill the wasps, but the smoke will not kill the nest.

* Easy to use insecticidal smokes

* Make sure that windows and doors are closed to the treatment area

* Place each bomb on an old plate or other hard surface and light

* Vacate the area for between 4 - 6 hours

* 2 x Wasp Smoke Fogger Bombs will treat up to 240 cubic metres / 8400 cubic feet which equates to approx. 7 metres x 9 metres / 24ft x 32ft

* Information included on how to use these foggers

Contains Permethrin 13.25% as the active ingredient.

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