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Ultra Sonic Fox Repeller

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Ultra Sonic Fox Repeller sends out ultrasonic sound waves that will scare away nuisance foxes but will not harm or effect humans.

The Ultra Sonic Fox Repeller specifications are either:

* Battery powered - 6 x 1.5 v [ not supplied with the unit ]

* Works on a pir - passive infra red - motion sensory detection system, sending out ultra sonic sound waves when a fox comes into the range of the unit

* Covers 220 square metres / 2000 square feet in an arc of 180 degrees

* Batteries will last approx. 3 - 4 months if there are 10 activations per day

* Works on mains electric with adaptor, that you can buy seperately, please see below:

* No need for foxes to come into the motion sensor range of the device

* Sends out ultrasonic sound waves continuously scaring away problem foxes

Humane Fox Pest Control.

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