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Plug in Squirrel Repeller - Large

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Plug in Squirrel Repeller - Large will scare away and drive out squirrels that have found their way into your loft, attic or roof area.

This is a top quality ultrasonic and electromagnetic repellent device that has won awards in Europe.

* Covers up to 4000 square feet / 371 square metres which is about the size of a 5 bedroom UK detached house

* Indoor use only

Please note: You must place the unit in the space to be cleared of squirrels. Have the unit set on the ultrasonic and electromagnetic settings and the ultrasonic sound waves will drive the squirrels out. Either plug directly into a socket in the loft or attic OR use an extension lead to get the device into place.

Once the squirrel or squirrels have vacated, you then need to try to block up the entry point.

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Price: 29.37 (35.25 inc. VAT)

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