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Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Dog Repeller

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Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Dog Repeller to eradicate problems with nuisance or neighbours dogs outside in the garden. They may be urinating, fouling, scratching or digging up plants and if they are a neighbours pet, this unit will repel and deter them from your property without anyone knowing!

* Works on a pir / passive infra red motion sensory detector system

* The range is 15 metres / 50 feet to the front and sides of the device with a total coverage of 235 square metres / 2500 square feet

* When a dog passes into the range of the device, ultrasonic sound waves are emitted that will scare off the nuisance garden pest

* Comes with fixing rod to enable re positioning around the garden

* Comes with fittings to allow fitting to a wall or fence

* Comes with a 10 metre electrical cable

Please note that if you want to save on the electricity costs or just want a more eco friendly way to get rid of dogs, we supply a Solar Energy Kit to power our Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Dog Repeller, please see below:

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Price: 35.79 (42.95 inc. VAT)

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