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Larsen Cage Trap - Crows, Jays, Magpies, Rooks [ Corvids ]

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Larsen Cage Trap for trapping and catching crows, jays, magpies, ravens and rooks etc., which are part of the "Corvid" family of birds.

This is a humane, live catch trap to catch birds that are being a nuisance in your garden or on your land.

This "Corvid" birds trap should be placed in a sheltered area with a food and water supply so as to minimise the trauma of being caught and whilst waiting for you to check for a bird catch.

* Made of long lasting galvanised steel

* Has a transportation handle

* Features a sun shade plus food and water bowls

* Measures 98cm x 78cm x 53cm

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Price: 66.66 (79.99 inc. VAT)

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