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How to Get Rid of Woodworm in Wood

Woodworm is the common term for a number of wood boring beetles the most common of which found in the UK the common furniture beetle [ anobium punctatum ] and less so, the death watch beetle [ xestobium rufovillosum ].

The natural habitat for woodworm and wood boring beetles is in trees and although the adult beetles cannot fly very far, they may find their way into your home or business via an open window.

The other way that woodworm can affect homes or businesses is in structural timbers and furniture brought into the home.

The adult beetles mate and lay their eggs on raw, untreated or unvarnished wood. It is the larvae that bore into the wood causing the damage.

We offer woodworm treatment liquids to protect wood and kill the woodworm and also woodworm power foggers that reach into inaccessible places to kill the adult beetles. All of our Woodworm Pest Control Products are listed below.
14.99  (17.99 inc. VAT)
Woodworm Killing Power Foggers x 2
8  (9.60 inc. VAT)
Woodworm Kill or Prevent Liquid Spray 500ml
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Woodworm Kill or Prevent Liquid 2.5 litres
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Woodworm Kill or Prevent Liquid 5 litres
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Protective Wear Face Mask and Gloves