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How to Get Rid of Wasps and Wasps Nests

Throughout the summer wasps can be a nuisance and if you have noticed a significant number of wasps in your garden or outdoor space this could indicate that there is a wasp's nest nearby. Sometimes a nest can be formed on a shed, summer house, in a shrub or even in the ground. Wasps also are often found indoors in places such as loft spaces, roof voids, chimneys or air vents.

We offer a selection of wasp pest control products to kill and get rid of wasps and wasps nests indoors and outdoors.

We have Wasp Nest Killer Packs as well as individual products such as Wasp Smoke Fogger Bombs for fumigating a loft, roof void or chimney to kill any active wasps. We have Honeypot Wasp Traps and an Outdoor Electric Grid Fly and Wasp Zapper ideal for any domestic garden as well as gardens of pubs, restaurants or outdoor events. All of our Wasp Pest Control Products are listed below.
137.83  (165.40 inc. VAT)
Outdoor Electric Grid Wasp and Fly Zapper
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