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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes and MIdges

Mosquitoes and Midges are such a pain especially during the summer months from about April to October.

Both these insects are very similar in appearance but it is only the mosquitoe that can carry diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and zika. In the past, disease carrying mosquitoes have not been a problem in the UK however conditions in some parts of England such as the south and south east, with their warmer damper climates, are becoming increasingly inviting to them.

It is only the female mosquitoe that bites when needing a blood meal whilst in the egg production stage of the breeding cylcle. Male mosquotoes do not bite but go about their days feeding on the nectar of flowers just like bees and butterflies. Female mosquitoes like to drink nectar also but they are the ones that cause painful bites!

We offer a selection of products to solve any problems with mosquitoes and midges. We have the very effective Vector Mosquito and Midge Trap for use indoors or outdoors, an indoor Plug In Mosquito and Midge Killer and Natural Mosquitoe and Midge Repellent Wipes for use inside the house, outside in the garden or to take away on holiday, all of which will allow you to control mosquitoes and midges. All of our Mosquitoe Pest Control Products are listed below.
12.49  (14.99 inc. VAT)
Refill Octenol Lure
23.29  (27.95 inc. VAT)
Mozzie Vac Mosquito Killer
37.46  (44.95 inc. VAT)
Mosquito & Midge Control Kit
7.49  (8.99 inc. VAT)
Replacement Aerosol for Mosquito & Midge Control Kit
4.16  (4.99 inc. VAT)
Insecto Mosquito and Fly Killer Spray
4.99  (5.99 inc. VAT)
Mosquitoes and Midges Repellent Spray 25ml
5.82  (6.99 inc. VAT)
Bug Bat Mosquito & Midge Killer Zapper