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How to Get Rid of Mice in the Garden, Home or Business

The common house mouse and sometimes field mice come indoors to find warmth and food. They are considered a rodent pest as they can carry viruses and bacteria.

These rodents can cause a lot of damage inside the house or business. They may chew through electrical wires, clothes, books, furniture or they may leave disease causing droppings on kitchen worksurfaces. Outside they may have chewed through electric wires in the garage or chewed at plant protection fleeces in the garden shed. In agriculture, mice can create massive problems such as crop damage or they may have chewed the wiring of agricultural equipment rendering it unusable.

Mice are nocturnal creatures with poor eyesight. To compensate, they rely on their hearing and sense of smell to locate food or to evade predators. They like to create nests and can be found inside furniture or under floor boards.

If you have found mouse droppings, this is an indication that you have a problem. Do not touch the droppings with bare hands as they can be dangerous.

We supply mouse control kits, wholegrain and block poison baits as well as electric and break back traps that will kill mice. We also supply humane mouse repellers for use indoors as well as live catch mouse traps which are non kill methods of mouse pest control. All of our products have been tried and tested.

Please note: We do not sell glue board mouse traps as we believe that these are most inhumane.

All of our Mouse Pest Control Products are listed below.

19.99  (23.99 inc. VAT)
Plug In Mouse Repeller -Small
24.99  (29.99 inc. VAT)
Plug In Mouse Repeller - Large
19.99  (23.99 inc. VAT)
3 Pack Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers
4.96  (5.95 inc. VAT)
Cardboard Mouse Bait Boxes - 20 Pack
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