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How to Get Rid of Foxes

Foxes are small to medium sized omnivorous mammals and in the UK it is the Red Fox that is seen regularly in the countryside and increasingly in urban areas.

It has been said that as we take over more and more rural areas, foxes are adapting to become urban foxes. Researchers estimate that there are 150.000 urban foxes in England.

These creatures are frequently seen in domestic gardens as they search for food and sometimes they can cause a mess by upturning bins as they look for food.

If you are having problems with urban foxes and want to know what to do, we offer a full range of Fox Pest Control Products to get rid of foxes that are being a nuisance in your garden or local area. We have repellent granules, plastic deterrent spikes and battery powered or mains electric powered repellers that are either ultrasonic units or water spray away devices. We also stock a very strong live catch cage trap for if you want to catch an urban, nuisance fox and take it a sanctuary.

In the South East of England there is The Fox Project [ 01892 731565 ] that operates a rescue service and wildlife hospital. They can also put you in contact with other rescue groups outside their area. All of our Fox Pest Control Products are listed below.
5.82  (6.99 inc. VAT)
Fox Deterrent Granules 50g
24.99  (29.99 inc. VAT)
Ultra Sonic Fox Repeller
15.82  (18.99 inc. VAT)
Mains Electric Adaptor for the Ultra Sonic Fox Repeller
33.29  (39.95 inc. VAT)
Battery Power Ultrasonic Outdoor Fox Repeller
35.79  (42.95 inc. VAT)
Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Fox Repeller
19.16  (22.99 inc. VAT)
Solar Energy Kit - No Need to use Mains Electric
22.49  (26.99 inc. VAT)
Water Spray Away Fox Repellent
2.96  (3.55 inc. VAT)
Plastic Spikes to Deter Foxes
8.32  (9.99 inc. VAT)
Strong Glue to fit Plastic Spikes to Deter Foxes
118.99  (142.79 inc. VAT)
Fox Cage Trap