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How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are small, wingless insects that can live outdoors in shrubs, leaves and trees and then they very often become a problem in the home or business by being brought indoors by a pet cat or dog.

The most common species is the cat flea that can live on cats, dogs and humans, being an external parasite that feeds on the blood of their host.

Adult fleas lay their eggs on their host but indoors, these eggs tend to end up in carpet pile, pets bedding or on soft furnishings. The flea eggs hatch into larvae which then pupates and an adult flea then emerges and wants to find a host for a blood meal. If the pet cat or dog is around, these may become the host but if the pet animal is not about, fleas will jump onto humans, normally on the lower leg or foot area and bite to obtain their blood food.

Flea bites are unpleasant and cause itching as well as sometimes being painful. At this point, if not before, its time to use some suitable pest control products as well as carrying out a suitable flea treatment of the cat or dog.

We have put together several Insecticidal as well as Organic Flea Killing and Control Kits that contain sprays, powders and fumigation smoke bombs that will kill and stop an infestation of fleas. We also sell individual products for you to make a choice of which products you wish to use and in what quantity. We would always recommend that you use a combination of products to get rid of this what can sometimes be a difficult pest to eradicate. As well as all of these products, we are suppliers of a very effective, Electric Flea Killer Trap that mimmicks a warm blooded host and fleas jump into the trap and get stuck on its glue board discs killing the fleas and stopping their breeding cycle. All of our Flea Pest Control Products are listed below.

23.32  (27.99 inc. VAT)
Flea Killer Powder Blower
12.20  (14.64 inc. VAT)
Electric Flea Killer Trap
6.66  (7.99 inc. VAT)
Refill Glue Board Discs and Bulbs
4.99  (5.99 inc. VAT)
Flea Repellent Spray 25ml
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