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How to Get Rid of Dogs that are Making a Mess of your Garden

Dogs are said to be Man's Best Friend, but if nuisance or neighbours dogs are coming into your garden and making a mess you may not be thinking of them as friends!

Dogs, whether large or small can cause a lot of damage to flower borders and vegetable plots by scratching and digging. Our furry friends can also cause a lot of mess by urinating or fouling on lawns, patios and driveways.

If it is apparent that it is a stray or homeless dog that is causing you concern, you can telephone you local Council or the RSPCA. They will want to check if the dog is tagged and if it has just lost its way home.

If the nuisance dog is a neighbours pet then you will want to find a way to repel, deter, stop and get rid of the problem.

We have a range of products that will solve the problem. We have repellent gels and liquids, ultrasonic repellers run on either battery, mains electric or solar power and we have a water spray away repellent to scare away the dogs. All of these products are humane and harmless ways to get your garden back!

4.16  (4.99 inc. VAT)
Dog Repellent Crystal Gel 450ml
4.99  (5.99 inc. VAT)
Dog Deterrent Liquid Spray 750ml
33.29  (39.95 inc. VAT)
Battery Power Ultrasonic Outdoor Dog Repeller
35.79  (42.95 inc. VAT)
Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Dog Repeller
19.16  (22.99 inc. VAT)
Solar Energy Kit - No Need to use Mains Electric
22.49  (26.99 inc. VAT)
Water Spray Away Dog Repellent