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How to Get Rid of Deer being a Nuisance in the Garden

There are 6 species of British Deer: Chinese Water, Fallow, Muntjac, Red, Roe and Sika.

Fallow, Muntjac and Roe are the most common species in the UK and at the moment there are about 2 million Deer that can roam freely.

Deer can cause problems in the garden or on owned land when they eat plants, shrubs and vegetables and Male Deer [ Bucks ] can cause fraying damage by rubbing their antlers against trees.

We stock the best and most effective repeller products which will repel and deter Deer. All of our Deer Repellents are humane methods of Deer control. All of our Deer Pest Control Products are listed below.

31.66  (37.99 inc. VAT)
Audio Visaul Deer Scarer
33.29  (39.95 inc. VAT)
Battery Power Ultrasonic Deer Repeller
35.79  (42.95 inc. VAT)
Mains Electric Ultrasonic Deer Repeller
19.16  (22.99 inc. VAT)
Solar Energy Kit - No Need to use Mains Electric
22.49  (26.99 inc. VAT)
Water Spray Away Deer Repellent