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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs [ latin - Cimex lectularius ] are parasites that feed only on blood and the Common Bed Bug feeds only on human blood.

The Common Bed Bug is reddish brown in colour with a flat, oval shaped body. They live in nooks and crannies and cracks or crevices in bedrooms and other rooms and they crawl out at night in search of a feed.

Although bed bugs do not carry any disease they are very problematic and can bite. Some people may have a reaction to a bed bug bite.

You may have noticed on your mattress or in cracks and crevices of furniture, the small [ about 5mm ] insects or their white coloured eggs or you may have noticed tiny black spots or blood spots on your sheets.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to remove all bedding and wash on a hot wash of 60 degrees and then, if possible, dry the bedding in a dryer on a hot setting. Next you need to vacuum thoroughly the mattress, the carpet and any soft furnishings such as headboards, curtains and chairs.

Bed Bugs are increasingly a problem being caused by worldwide travel and you can unwittingly bring back bed bugs in your suitcase, if you have been staying at a hotel that has a problem! Bed Bugs can also attach themselves to clothing in wardrobes and if someone with a bed bug on them stands close to another person, such as on the London Underground, then bed bugs can start spreading and infesting previously bed bug free homes!

Please note: To kill and get rid of a bed bug infestation you really need to use a combination of pest control products. We have put together complete Bed Bug Killing and Control Kits as well as supplying individual products such as insecticidal sprays, organic sprays, organic powders and smoke bomb fumigators. We also supply an effective personal protection spray and an excellent monitor trap. Stop bed bugs and stop bed bug bites now! All of our Bed Bug Pest Control Products are listed below.
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