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How to Get Rid of Badgers being a Nuisance in the Garden

Badgers are omnivores [ animal and plant eating ] and they are part of the Mustilidae family, which also includes otters, ferrets, polecats, weasels and wolverines.

Badgers have short legs that are ideal for digging and they dig burrows underground called setts. A sett can be a maze of tunnels and chambers where badgers sleep, normaly during the daytime as badgers are nocturnal.

Badgers are protected in the UK to stop illegal badger baiting which is most cruel. The badger population has increased significantly over recent years and they have become an urban problem.

We have a full range of humane repellent products that are effective through the night when badgers are most active [ and during the day, if necessary ] to repel, deter and stop these animals and to give long lasting badger control. All of our Badger Pest Control Products are listed below.
5.82  (6.99 inc. VAT)
Badger Deterrent Granules 50g
33.29  (39.95 inc. VAT)
Battery Power Ultrasonic Outdoor Badger Repeller
35.79  (42.95 inc. VAT)
Mains Electric Ultrasonic Outdoor Badger Repeller
19.16  (22.99 inc. VAT)
Solar Energy Kit - No Need to use Mains Electric
27.90  (33.48 inc. VAT)
Audio & Light Badger Scarer
22.49  (26.99 inc. VAT)
Water Spray Away Badger Repellent