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How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are of the Formicidae family and together with bees and wasps, they belong to the Hymenoptera order.

There are more than 12.000 species of ant in the world but in the UK we see black ants, biting red ants and flying ants are the insects that cause us the most problems. There is also the pharoah ant which is a transparent yellow coloured insect that can be a problematic indoor pest, especially in hospitals.

Ants can be an indoor or outdoor problem and their numbers can be great as they are social insects who live in large colonies or nests. Each nest has a Queen ant and she may live for many years bearing many young. There are 2 other types of ant in a nest: The female worker ant which is wingless and the male winged ant. It is the male ants purpose to mate with the Queen and then they die soon afterwards.

When the female worker ants leave their nests in search of food, it's the trails of ants which make us realise that we have a problem or infestation! These ants can carry 20 times their own body weight bringing back food to the nest.

Ants can make their nests outdoors in the garden and are often found when you are digging in the border and which is when you see lots of ant activity. Ants can also very often be found to have nests in the foundations of buildings and can be a nuisance when they emerge indoors looking for food.

If you have found an ants nest or have seen ants emerging from the base of a house wall or have seen flying ants emerging from your property, we have all the best and most effective products to get rid of an ant infestation.

We have insecticidal and organic Ant Killing and Control Kits, insecticide and organic Ant Killing Sprays and insecticidal and organic Ant Killer Powders along with Pre Baited Ant Poison Bait Stations. All of these products can be used inside or outside. We also recommend our Plug In Ant Repellers for use indoors which can either be used alone to repel ants or can be used after an ant killing and control treatment to make sure the ants do not come back inside. All of our Ant Pest Control Products are listed below.
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