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Fly and Cluster Fly Killing & Control Kit 1

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Fly and Cluster Fly Killing and Control Kit 1 contains a selection of effective products to eliminate and eradicate flies and cluster flies.

Cluster flies tend to be a concentrated problem in the loft, attic or roof spaces whilst common house flies can be a problem in any room of the home.

Our Fly and Cluster Fly Killing and Control Kit 1 contains:

* 1Ltr. Digrain / Insectaclear C fly and cluster fly killing spray which is a residual insecticide that continues to kill flies and cluster flies for up to 4 weeks after the initial treatment

* 1 x Rentokill Insectrol powder for killing flies and cluster flies and effective for use around carpet edges where these insect pests like to live and over winter

* 2 x Forte fog smoke generators to give a whole room fogging fumigation treatment for exterminating any fly or cluster fly that may be present.

* Mask and Gloves

Please note: Once the smoke foggers have been lit, you need to vacate the area for about 2 - 4 hours before re entering the room.

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Price: 19.57 (23.49 inc. VAT)

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