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Flea Killing and Control Kit 2

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Flea Killing and Control Kit 2 is a combination of effective products to kill and get rid of fleas in your home or business.

Fleas are insects that feed off the blood of cats and dogs and some other pets.

This pack is suitable to treat 2 x average size rooms.

Flea Killing and Control Kit 2 contains:

* 2 litres x Extra D strength Flea Killer Insecticide Spray [ please note that for fleas and bed bugs it is only the D type spray that will be effective ]. Use this spray on soft furnishings and carpets. It is a residual product that carries on working for up to 4 weeks after initial treatment

* 500g x Organic Flea Killing Powder that can be applied to cat or dog bedding, soft furnishings and carpets

* 4 x Flea Killer Smoke Bombs to give a fumigation treatment to the affected room which will flush out and kill fleas

* 1 x Face mask and Pair of gloves

* Advice Sheet detailing how best to use these products to eliminate a problem with these biting insects.

Please note: At the same time as you carry out this flea treatment, you should also flea your cat or dog with a suitable product from the vet.

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