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Flea Killing D Strong Insecticide Spray 1 litre

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Flea Killing D Strong Insecticide Spray 1 litre is an effective product for spray treating soft or hard surfaces to kill and get rid of problem fleas. Also known as Digrain Insectaclear D Strong Insect Killer.

It is only the D strength formula [ not the C strength ] that is powerful enough to exterminate and stop biting insects such as fleas [ and bed bugs ].

* Comes in handy trigger spray

* 1 litre will treat up to 20 square metres / 215 square feet

* Leaves a residual layer that continues to work for up to 4 weeks after initial treatment

* Contains Phenothrin 0.04%

We would always recommend that you use this Flea Killing D Strong Insecticide Spray along with a flea killer powder and a flea power fogger to make sure you totally eradicate a flea infestation. You should also carry out a flea treatment to your cat or dog with an approved product.

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