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Electronic Bird Repeller - Audible Sound

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Electronic Bird Repeller - Audible Sound is a high powered deterrent unit to scare away nuisance birds such as pigeons, starlings, rooks, jackdaws, herons and seagulls.

This sonic device is audible to humans as well as birds as it uses digitally recorded hunting calls of owls, sparrow hawks and falcons which are natural predators to most birds.

Easy to use just set this bird repellent unit at 5 to 30 minute intervals and it will start to frighten birds that are causing you a problem such as pooping on window sills or gathering on your roof top.

Electronic Bird Repeller - Audible Sound specifications:

* Mains electric or 2 x 9v battery operated

* Volume control

* Dual action

* Either set at 5 to 30 minute regulated interval of sound emittance

* Or use on the pir - passive infra red motion detector system which has an automatic switch off after dark

* PIR system detects birds up to 10 metres / 30 feet away in a 130 degree arc

* Comes with mains adaptor with 10 metre / 30 foot extension cable

* Suitable for rural or urban areas

* Weatherproof

* Humane method of bird pest control

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