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Ant Killing and Control Kit 1

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Ant Killing and Control Kit 1 is a pack of the best and most effective pest control products to exterminate and get rid of problems with ants.

The ant infestation maybe inside a property such as in a kitchen. Ants very often have nests within the foundations of a property and if not directly under the kitchen, they will find their way there in search of foodstuffs. Or an ant problem may be in the garden if a black ants or red ants nest has been unearthed.

With the use of this pack, ants will be quickly eliminated.

Ant Killing and Control Kit 1 contains:

* 1 x Litre Ant Killing Insecticide Spray which gives a quick knock down and kill as well as leaving a residual layer that continues to work for up to 4 weeks after the initial treatment

* 1 x 150g Rentokil Ant Killer Powder in a puffer pack to blow into cracks, crevices and holes where there is ant activity

* 2 x Ant and Ants Nest Destroyer Bait Stations the contents of which ants carry back to their nests killing the colony

* 1 x Face mask

* 1 x Pair of gloves

* 1 x Advice sheet detailing how to best use the products to eliminate ants indoors or outdoors

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