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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Wardrobes and Drawers

Under the name Clothes Moths fall several different species such as the common or webbing clothes moth [ Tineola bisselliella ], the case bearing clothes moth and the brown dotted clothes moth. Adult clothes moths are approx. 5 - 8mm long.

These bugs live outdoors in birds nests, on animal skin and in discarded fur but they also like the warmth provided by our centrally heated houses and that's when they begin to become a problem.

Very often it is the common or webbing clothes moths that are the problem when they have found their way into the home or business as their larvae eat away at clothing made of wool, cashmere, silk, cotton or other natural fibres.

The female moth lays hundreds of eggs, normally in dark, out of the way places such as under immovable furniture, under carpet edges or rugs and in any nook and cranny available. You may have seen the moths flying around or you may have discovered a batch of eggs to alert you to the fact that you have a clothes moth infestation. The larval stage of clothes moths are creamy white caterpillars.

If you have found that you have an infestation of these insects and before you commence any treatment to kill and get rid of these damage causing pests, we would always advise that you carry out the following tasks.

[a] Check the chimney for any birds nests

[b] Vacuum thoroughly all around in any affected room using an extension tube to vacuum under heavy furniture

[c] Wash or dry clean any clothes made of natural fibres

Follow with the application of clothes moth pest control products. To make sure you get rid of a clothes moth infestation a combination of products is needed as each product has its own specific function. These insects along with carpet moths, fleas and bed bugs can only be fully eradicated with a mix of products.

We have put together Clothes Moth Kill and Control Kits that contain all the products needed to eliminate clothes moths and their larvae or to carry out a preventive fumigation treatment. We supply Clothes Moth Smoke Bombs which as well as being in the complete kits also are for use in giving a fumigation treatment to rooms that appear to be unaffected by these damage causing pests, just as a precaution.

Our Clothes Moth Killing Insecticide is a must to give a fast knock down and kill effect as well as leaving a residual layer that continues to work in exterminating any insect that crawls or lands on the treated area for up to 4 weeks after treatment. Use this insecticide to spray treat all carpets, rugs, soft furnishings as well as inside wardrobes and drawers.

Another must is the use of either our Clothes Moth Insecticide Powder or our Organic Clothes Moths Killer Powder that is for use around carpet edges and under immovable furniture which are the places where these insect pests are often found when a property has a problem with clothes moths.

Please note: We would always advise that you smoke bomb the loft or attic area as well, because frequently carpet moths like to live and breed in the insulation / rock wool found up there.

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Clothes Moth Killer Strips x 2
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Wooden Moth Balls x 20
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