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Carpet Moth Smoke Bombs x 2

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2 x Carpet Moth Smoke Bomb Foggers to give a fumigation treatment to kill and get rid of carpet moths and their larvae known as "wooly bears".

Our advice is that you should always use a combination of carpet moth killing products when dealing with an infestation of carpet eating moths. A residual insecticide spray for spray treating the whole carpet [paying attention to areas where you have seen carpet bug activity] and a moth killer powder should be applied around carpet edges and under furniture where these carpet damage causing insects live and breed.

Lastly the smoke bombs should be lit and the smoke emitted will fumigate the whole space.The closed room should be left for about 6 hours.

Buy our "Forte Fog" smoke fumers and you know that you have the best, professional smoke generators on the market and not any inferior smokes!..

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Price: 7.83 (9.40 inc. VAT)

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